Monday, December 7, 2009

10 Final Exam Questions

1) What people were from western Asia, who moved into central Europe?
a. Vikings
*b. Magyars
c. Muslims
d. Franks
2) The invasions of which of the following did not led to the emergence of a new type of political order?
a. Muslims
b. Magyars
c. Vikings
*d. Mongols
3) In what century did a separation between the western and eastern parts of the Roman Empire begin to develop?
*a. fourth
b. fifth
c. sixth
d. seventh
4)The most serious challenge to the Eastern Roman Empire came from the rise of _Islam_.
5) The _Byzantine_ Empire was both a Greek and a Christian state.
6) The _emperor_ occupied a crucial position in the Byzantine state.
7) The _Macedonian_ dynasty of the 10th and 11th centuries had restored much of the power of the Byzantine Empire.
8) The _Crusades_ were based upon the idea of a holy war against the infidel.
9) In _843_, the Carolingian Empire had been divided into three major sections.
10) In the tenth century, the powerful dukes of the _Saxons_ became kings of the lands of the eastern Frankish kingdom.

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