Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Ancient Greeks influenced future generations in the area of architect very much. Some of the examples of this are in Ancient Rome and in modern society. The Greeks influenced many cultures and there are many architectual iteams to show it.

The architecture of Ancient Rome were adopted from Greece in the sense of relation between there issues and styles during their era. This can be seen in the Roman tricliniums as a place of dinning manner. The Romans were also similar in the way that they were in debt to their Etruscan neighbors and those who supplied them with a wealth of knowledge esential for future architectural solutions.

The Etruscan People

One way inwhich the Greeks influenced the Romans archatectually is in AD 330. The Roamns moved their capital to a Greek city; Constantinople. (Powell, 49)

As Greek became a main influence in architecture for Rome, the Romans took Greece's ideas and their own and created the arch and the dome. This is used to this day. This is another way inwhich the Greeks influenced Rome and Greece.

During the seventh century B.C.E. the Greeks had spread out from their ealier boundries. In this time period the Romans had begun to move away from the Etruscan rule. The Romans then came in contact with the Greeks; who were to the southeast. After the Second Punic War Rome became increasinly involved with Greece. The Romans started to import marble and show Greek architiecture in their designs; such as the Temple of Portunus. This is how the Greek architecture influenced Rome.

The Greek architecture also influences modern society. One example is in many of the buildings of Washington D.C. They have colums with the destinctive greece design; sucj as the Dorid and Ionic. Even the White House has pilars that can be reconized for there Greek influence. The Greeks also influenced America in the simple sense of building houses. Withut the Greeks our country would look very different.

The Greek architecture was exepted by the Americans bcause they found it easier to build than the Roman style. This shows that because the Greeks made simple architecture future generations took to it and used in in their own creative text.
The Greeks used simpler architectural designs than the Romans. Two of them were the Doric and Ionic. The Doric style is sturdy, and its top is plain. This style was used in mainland Greece and the colonies in southern Italy and Sicily. The Ionic style is thinner and more elegant. Its capital is decorated with a scroll-like design. This style was used in eastern Greece and islands. (Pearson, 27)

These are a few of the many civilizations inwhich the Greek architecture influenced. The Greeks influenced many future cultures and changed many lives.
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