Thursday, December 11, 2008

Final Questions

1) The most prominent building in a Sumerian city-state was?
-----a) zigguart *
-----b) city dwelling
-----c) defense tower
-----d) public building
2) The Sumerian city-states contained how many major social groups?
-----a) two
-----b) three *
-----c) four
-----d) five
3) What city-state was north of Sumerian?
-----a) Marathon
-----c) Akkadians *
-----d) Issus
4) What was the climate like in Mesopotamia?
-----a) ferocious floods
-----b) heavy downpours
-----c) scorching winds
-----d) all of the above *
5) How many laws were in the Code of Hammurabi?
-----a) 181
-----b) 282
-----c) 288
-----d) 188
6) The Sumerians created a writing system that:
-----a) was picture-like
-----b) was stick-like
-----c) was wedge shaped *
-----d) didn't create a writing system
7) The Sumerians made outstanding achievements in which of the following?
-----a) astronomy
-----b) mathematics
-----c) astronomy and mathematics *
-----d) none of the above
8) The process of mummification was run by which of the following?
-----a) the pharaoh
-----b) slaves
-----c) workers
-----d) priests *
9) The largest of the pyramids were built by which of the following?
-----a) king Khufu *
-----b) Akhenaten
-----c) Ramses II
------d) Alexander the Great
10) Explain the social classes of the Sumerian city-state?
-----Nobles - royal and priestly officials and their families.
-----Commoners - workers of the palace and temple estates and farmers, merchants, fishers, and craftspeople.
-----Slaves - people who belonged to palace officials, who used than mostly in building projects.

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